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Hello! I'm graduating this year from the double master degree of Industrial Ecology en Science Communication at TU Delft. This blog is about my final year at TU; how do I get sick of TU Delft so I can start my "grown up life" without getting too nostalgic the rest of my life about "my" University. Enjoy reading :)



De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Posted in February 2012

Sky with cranes obsession

For some peculiar reason I like cranes and pretty skies. Every time I see a good example I photograph it, here is some of my collection for you to enjoy :). 

Ps: Next time I’ll might post my "airplane stripes in the sky" picture collection … another obsession 🙂 

Losing / loser / lost [not winning]

Today, we lost again. Me and my 15 fellow soccer girls ran, kicked and tackled like crazy, but the ball wouldn´t go into the goal of the opponent. The other way around (the ball in our goal) was not such a big problem unfortunately… darn.

Maybe this is the time to reflect upon losing. I used to dislike losing very much, I would cheat happily to prevent losing, but now I don’t care that much anymore. Or at least, when I lose I can handle it. I imagine the girls wining the game being all super happy and then I’m ok with it. Hmm.. or almost ok. Hmmmm.. I don’t get very huge hatred feelings against them. Hmmmm.. I don’t wish for this big fireball destroying their soccer club … Hmmmmmmmm does anyone know nice cheating trics for football games? Schwalbe!!

My football team!  


Crazy theater, loud poems, balkan music … Yesterday I experienced it all.

The party that has as a trademark a pair of stinky socks (see the logo below) amazed me again. During stukafest (or studenten kamer festival – student room festival) performances of all sorts take place in student rooms. I remember the first year I went to stukafest, while dancing on the music of L’chaim [recommendation! This is an awesome band, listen to them here] the floor of the student room I was in bounced literally up and down. The big closet against the wall shaked dangerously, but no worries, it didn’t fall and crush dozens of students. In my head I did imagine this happening, so I was one of the wimps that went outside the room to search a safer place to dance.

This year the floor didn’t bounce up and down (the organisation probably learned a thing or two over the years) but I still loved it! I’m always amazed that from all corners of Delft trendy students and culture lovers appear to undergo the stukafest experience together. When you walk out from a student room with a big fat grin on your face, you look around and feel united with the people that also experienced the show. Whether you came from a show where the smoke machine made overtime while the ‘artist’ crowd surfed over the entire public, or when you sat down quietly for half an hour listening to a guy playing his guitar and singing emotional songs, the connection with fellow stukafesters is there. The big conversation at the party afterwards is obviously: "What did you see? Was it great? I love stukafest!"

Darn, too bad it’s just once a year … maybe somebody (maybe you, dear reader) should take the initiative and organize stukafest every month! The world would be an even happier place I bet :).

Stukafest Logo
A performance

I don’t like this!

What do you think of the bookshelf depicted below?

It was showcased on my favourite blog: Curiositycounts.com. Most of the time I love their posts, but when they posted this my stomach went funny. I get frustrated about (gimic) design like this. It’s so easy, you just take a shape you like (teacup), make it bigger and give it a different function (bookshelf). At curiosity counts they say: "Stacked teacups, possibly the best bookshelf ever". Blugh.
PS: Sorry for the tone of this blogpost, this kind of design just really frustrates me. If you disagree with me about this being horrible design, please let me know (for instance by commenting on this post). 


I don’t get a lot of stuff. For instance, why does the Dutch governments cut back on funds for primary schools, but they don’t dare to touch the mortgage interest deduction rule (hypotheek rente aftrek). I asked a lot of my friends to explain this to me, but I still don’t understand it. Why making the stress on primary school teachers even higher (my mum teaches grade 6 at a primary school, and people are getting fired at her school to be able to continue; the classes keep on getting bigger, they have 6 teachers for 8 grades!) and why not getting rid of the mortgage rule that makes rich people even richer.

I found this website today that I hope can help me understanding things like this. It’s called explainer.net. At explainer.net they try to explain difficult stuff like this. "The [explainer] project will experiment with the form of “the explainer,” a genre in journalism that provides the essential background knowledge necessary to follow events in the news." Too bad it’s not for the Dutch news, otherwise they might be able to shed some light on this weird cutback decision of the Dutch government. Or maybe, that just doesn’t make any sense …


I had to laugh so hard. Yesterday was my first Improvisation theater class; and it was great. It made me wonder, if this is so much fun, why don’t we do it more?

Yesterday, Bart (our teacher) taught us ‘accepting’. The idea is that people say stuff to you (for instance: you’re a movie star, you wear a beautiful dress, but you forgot your speech ..) and you go with it. And that’s actually really difficult. Take my example. In a game, we needed to name as many hobbies of the other starting with the same letter of their name. My name is Merel and my partner asked me: "you love eating meat". I’m a vegetarian, so my first reaction was "No!!". Well, that’s not the correct reaction, I should have said: "Yes, I love it. I eat tree chickens a day, and half of a cow. Moehoeee!". Because of this positive interaction, everybody gets really excited and starts saying this really weird stuff to each other. Hehe, it was fun.

Next week I have my next lesson, I’m curious. And I’m starting to think in how I can integrate this fun into my graduation work… it must be possible. I’m a strong believer in "when it’s not fun, why would you do it?" Sooooo let’s make the graduation work more fun!! Oh yeah, at the cultural center from the TU Delft (where I take my class) there are many more awesome cultural courses you can take!


How do you drink your coffee? On your own or with friends? Apparently, in Starbucks, only the lonely is the way to go.

I went to Amsterdam on Wednesday, and at station Amsterdam Sloterdijk they have a Starbucks. I was early; so I decided to spend half an hour in this American coffee chain. After choosing a large Latte (I wanted a little one, but that’s no option); I sat down and did some people watching. Lonely people watching that is, everybody was on his or her own. I thought this was remarkable, drinking coffee, something that was a social activity for a long time is now so lonely! So please, next time you see a Starbucks, go in, order your large latte and sit next to a complete lonely stranger. And to be fair, I was alone at the Starbucks as well.


Loneliness at Starbucks

NS, my hero previous Wednesday

I was afraid this Wednesday, very afraid. I had an important presentation in Amsterdam at my graduation company. But, in these snowy times the trains are the last means of transportation I wish to use. This weekend my Facebook was overflown with horror stories of friends getting stuck in the cold at places that are not worth visiting. I was sure this was going to be my destiny on Wednesday as well.

So yeah, Wednesday … the day came so fast. The platform was crowded with travelers one minute before the train would arrive. To my surprise, when I glared into the distance, I actually saw the yellow of an approaching train. Wow, this is my lucky day, now I just needed to make sure I fit in this train together with the 300 other people at the platform. Magically, this didn’t seem to be a problem, I even could sit after the stop at Den Haag Holland Spoor. Pinching myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming, the train trip just continuid without any problems. In the end I arrived half an hour EARLY in Amsterdam (to be fair, I also left my house half an hour early in the morning, to be sure that if something happened that that wouldn’t mess up my Amsterdam plans).

The presentation went great, and 4 hours later I was back again at the train station. Knowing that being so lucky in the morning was probably the exception that proved the rule, my anxiety level rose. Would this train journey take place without me getting stuck? It did. And even better, I looked outside and the beautiful Dutch landscape covered in snow just made my day even better. Passing towns watching people iceskate in bright colored jackets, seeing the snow in the tops of the trees in the middle of big fields, the sunlight gaping through the clouds making the world seem even brighter, you could find me on cloud nine. So, I just would like to say, dear NS, I know many people wish you harm in these cold times, but for me on Wednesday, you were my knight in shining armor.


Lazy sunday

Today, I´m proud to say, I was totally useless. When I woke up at 11, I had breakfast and went back to sleep. Waking up again, I read my book and fell asleep again. Now, I have been awake for 5 hours, I went to C1000 (the supermarket 50 meters away from my house) and made tomato soup. I will eat it, watch a movie and fall asleep again. I believe that these kind of days are super important. Especially because previous week was pretty hectic. On Wednesday I met both my graduation supervisors and I needed to finish a presentation for that. Luckily the meeting went great! They did share some smart comments, that I can use to improve my work for this Wednesday when I present for my graduation company. Quite a lot of work still to do… But today was all about forgetting this stuff and just being as lazy as possible (I love it!)

Oh yeah, I also suffered from an hangover today … that could be an extra explanation for the extreme laziness…

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