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Hello! I'm graduating this year from the double master degree of Industrial Ecology en Science Communication at TU Delft. This blog is about my final year at TU; how do I get sick of TU Delft so I can start my "grown up life" without getting too nostalgic the rest of my life about "my" University. Enjoy reading :)



De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Posted in November 2011

Nothing beats this view



 Today I was at architecture and visited their amazing library. Why is my building (TNW) not so fancy? An hour later, the flock of birds that starts flying at sunset did their trick again: Nothing beats this view! 

Oh no! I found another distracting blog

I really try to study hard, please believe me. But how on earth can anybody perform with so much seduction on the internet. I just found another supercool, superdistracting blog. The name of the blog is retronaut

What about these famous photo’s reanacted by LEGO figures…


  Or what do you think about these extreme cigarette holders?? 
Luckily, it’s time for me to go home, the place where I can legally spend my time browsing the internet for nonsense pictures. This is better than doing it at Uni where my graduation work stares at me with guilty eyes [if my graduation work would have had eyes to begin with they would surely make me feel guilty]. Adios!  


Cultural Professor says Goodbye

   TU Delft offers you some really cool opportunities from time to time. I visited for instance the festival Lowlands for free in 2009 (to collect environmental data); I hung out with the Dutch writer Herman Koch for the "guest writer class" in 2010. And this year photographer Vincent Mentzel took me and my 25 fellow Cultural Professorship students to Paris. Not too shabby right? 

    Yesterday Vincent had his valedictory [uittreerede in Dutch] and it was so nice! I took the really crappy photo from when he was speeching that you see at your right . The next couple of weeks, there will be an exhibition of the end results of his masterclass in the Library; beautiful photo’s inspired by "the human size". So check it out! 

    I’m a dinosaur at TU Delft; I started in 2004 and at this moment I’m finishing my thesis. The reason that I write this post is to make sure that YOU, TU Delft student or prospect keep your EYES, EARS, and everything else open; so you will also have an awesome time at TU with a lot of distracting, but superlearnful, activities. Enjoy :). 

On your left the gift we gave Vincent, Roderick and Marga (organizers of the Cultural Professorship); all the students dressed like Vincent (a bit creepy, but he seemed to like it) 

Time Juggling, tips and tricks from an expert

Since the beginning of this academic year I’m proud to call myself a professional time juggler. I believe this is a very important skill and I want to create awareness for this sometimes overlooked and underappreciated skill. What are the latest ins and outs of the time juggling business?

Get a job to relax

Does your brain hurt after a day studying? Get a job! This year I started my graduation project and thought naively: "I will not work next to my project, I will only study and this will make my results better". NOT! Ok, a warning because this might be only the case for me, but the more things that are on my brain, the better I function. Unfortunately, becoming a grown-up person [this is so scary to write down by the way] means that I don’t have boytrouble anymore to distract me, insecurities to be scared of or the need to go partying hard and having a huge hangover next day to combine with my study work. Maybe you think this makes me function better? Nope, for me it doesn’t. I need distractions in order to handle my graduation process.

The straw that broke the camel’s back [beautiful expression] was the braintiredness I experienced after a day graduation work; there is some hardcore thinking involved with the graduating process. My brain became tired a month ago and demanded some stupid job to relax. So, I took a job. Not too stupid (it’s actually a pretty cool job), but there are still days where I have to sit behind Excel sheets and analyse data from 9 to 5. For the brain excel sheets work like a spa treatment with a cocktail in the left hand. Genius [I hope] insights come to me during the breaks of my work when my relaxed brain decides to work for a bit.

Another cool thing of a job is all the ego stroking that takes place. I sometimes need a pet on my head, somebody who says: Merel, you’re doing a good job. At my job this happens, I work on a short term project, I do good, and I get my reward (Good job Merel!). For my graduation research the end lies somewhere far in the future, it’s difficult to accept a pet on the head for something that you didn’t finish yet.

Don’t forget the fun stuff

Another really important thing of a good time juggler is that he or she should NEVER forget to do the fun stuff. Stephen R Covey is apparently some genius time manager and he talks about sharpening your saw in his book "the 7 habits of highly effective people" [By the way, I’m half effective, I’m halfway through the book]. Picture yourself being a saw. Serious activities that you need to do (for instance finishing your research proposal) make you as a saw blunt, while activities you do to relax (like playing football) makes you sharp. A sharp saw works better [duh]. So, having just 24 hours a day (and I sleep at least 8 hours), I really need to juggle my time to make sure I still do the fun stuff that keeps me going, while still producing results for the serious stuff.

Prevent your head from blowing up

One last thing, I do hope I don’t overdo the time juggling thing and make my head explode. So please, my dear readers, if you ever catch me running around with a round red head, steam coming from my ears producing a loud PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF sound, please say: Merel, relax, the world will not perish if you sit down and do nothing for an hour.


Are you happy that it’s FINALLY weekend? I am! Tonight I’m going to this awesome festival in Den Haag: Crossing border. Live bands will play all over the town, and I can dance like crazy, have a nice beer … It will be great. 

 I have one problem though… I play football, ánd I have a match tomorrow.  Against a very good team … Well, I’ll keep you up to date how that turned out (I hope I don’t break myself).

Messy Merel

Ohw no! My desk at Uni starts to look similar to my desk at home.


:( day

I’m sitting, alone, in my graduation room.

*My inspiration level? Zero.
*My energy level? Low.

I even don’t feel like distracting myself by visiting my favourite distracting websites (like http://curiositycounts.com/; a really really really cool blog).

Just half an hour ago, I was having coffee with Marlous, my friend who is also graduating but than at 3ME. At a certain moment she started shouting at me: "COME ON MEREL! JUST DO IT!!" (or something similar but then in Dutch). For her, it helps when somebody shouts at her to give her courage and energy. Hmm maybe I should spend the next half an hour picking fights to make somebody shout at me (if you see me walking around; shout at me please :). Or … I should just stop feeling sorry for myself, and start working. 


Ok, because this was not such an inspirational / fun blog; I will now show you some of my favourite photos. I will pick them out while listening to the grease themesong at grooveshark (this song always makes me happy again). 


Woehoe!!! I’m smiling again!!!

If you see me, DON’T SCREAM AT ME !!  

Let’s get creative II


Well, I just love this, so I post it on this weblog. Looks cool right? It would be nice if they would stick out at the other side aswell. 


Next to that, I make a promise to you. Yesterday I spend the entire day getting inspired at TEDxDelft; in my next blogpost I will try to make you just as enthusiastic about this really really awesome event. A little sneak-peak [is this an actual word or did I make it up?]; Riming to improve consultancy; the most beautifull book in the world and you don’t need a goal, just go for it.

It’s time to get creative

I’m subscribed to the newsletter of Instructables and every day they manage to surprise me! Instructables is a website where they explain to you how to make EVERYTHING. Seriously, type in whatever [… I searched for Dutch] and you get hundreds [… in my case 4,070] results. 


Todays harvest of weird stuff to make in my mailbox was especially exciting; so I would like to share my enjoyment with you. 

Why would you type in where you are at foursquare, if you can also pee (!!) to check in. Spend half an hour and you have this special privelige.

What should you dress up like on Halloween? What about a fully functional camera custome?

And last but not least, stop breaking your nose!! Build a ‘broken-nose-preventer‘ and your nose will be safe for the rest of your life.

A little tip, would you like to be on television? Just pick one of the instructables out and send it in to "het beste idee van Nederland" (the best idea of Holland, a Dutch tv show where inventors present their inventions, the best invention wins 10.000 euro or something like that); I guarantee you that you will make it to the top ten finalists. 


Getting distracted

One of the nicest things of working on your graduation project, is when you award yourself after some hard work to get distracted! You can take the easy way for this, and simply check out what your friends are upto on facebook, but you can also put some more effort into it and get really cool results. This what was happened today for me.


At 11 I got distracted by beautiful oldfashioned photo’s of ballet dansers




After it (around 4 in the afternoon) I looked at knitting sites and found some crazy links. Enjoy getting distracted too!  


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