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Hello! I'm graduating this year from the double master degree of Industrial Ecology en Science Communication at TU Delft. This blog is about my final year at TU; how do I get sick of TU Delft so I can start my "grown up life" without getting too nostalgic the rest of my life about "my" University. Enjoy reading :)



De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Posted in October 2011

Looking for a rainbow



Wow, amazing, fantastic, fabulous!!! 

I just watched the live lecture of Walter Lewin about rainbows and blue skies; what a great teacher! Now I just need to find a nice rainbow to stare at (or find photo’s of rainbows to check whether they are real). 

Some rainbow characteristics:

  • Red is on the outside, blue in the inside. Also, the light underneath the rainbow is white, above the rainbow it is dark.
  • The angle of the rainbow is always 42 degrees

For more, watch his lecture on collegerama, I’m very inspired.




Who is Merel?



Thanks for visiting my blog! What is this blog about? Well… it’s a way for me to ventilate my brain. This probably sounds really weird, I will explain it a bit better.

I’m a very chaotic person with a thousand and one interests, I will dump these interests all on this site, they might be even interesting for other people next to myself.

Sooooo enjoy if you like: Sustainability, Woman football, Science Communication, Being a nerd, Yoga, Eating delicious food, TU Delft, Complexity, Travelling slowly, Social Media, Making stuff … Then read on! 

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