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Hello! I'm graduating this year from the double master degree of Industrial Ecology en Science Communication at TU Delft. This blog is about my final year at TU; how do I get sick of TU Delft so I can start my "grown up life" without getting too nostalgic the rest of my life about "my" University. Enjoy reading :)



De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Merel graduates!

A last study year at TU Delft


I made it. You may call me MSc MSc Merel from now on (just Merel is also still fine), one-and-a-half week ago I rocked my presentation and received the liberating words: "You are graduated". And now? Experiencing the big black nothingness that overcomes graduated students? Who knows, until now I just have been super-duper-happy!

But, I’ve got some sad news. When I started this blog it was my way of getting rid of my overcapacity of weird thoughts I couldn’t use for my thesis but that I didn’t want to ignore. Now I’m finished I want to stop this blog, and start a new one (merelwantsaJOB.weblog.nl maybe?? Or merelhastoomuchfreetime.weblog.nl .. or .. sleepingalldaymakesyoutired.weblog.nl ;)) So goodbye my dear readers of this blog, I’ll let you know the title of my new brainwave overcapacity dropspot. It might be in Dutch though, if you don’t read Dutch it might be a good reason to learn it (or is this too arrogant of me to say?)

Almost finished!

I handed in my graduation report and now I just need to write a summary, make a
poster and create THE BEST PRESENTATION ever! In the meanwhile I’ve been to
Madrid and Portugal on holidays, this stress-free environment made me feel a
hundred years younger (approximately). So now I just have to do "de laatste
loodjes" (Dutch expression for ´the last bits of lead´) and I’ll
be a TU Delft Alumni …

Hmm … ok
that does scare me a bit. I like being at Uni, I like studying, I like my study
buddies, I like my graduation room, I like the freedom to get up at 10 in the
morning, and all of this is going to change. I’m not planning to do a PhD so my
faith is to leave my beloved University. And then what … get a serious job??
But where do I find a job to love (or how can I make this job find me?).
Uncertainty ahead and I don’t like it.

My dearest readers, if you happen to
know about a job that combines sustainability and communication let me know. It
might be my dream job. In the meanwhile I’ll continue my part-time jobs so I
won’t go broke. This new life phase might not be such a horrible thing after
all, as a freelance science journalist (one of my part-time jobs) I can get up
whenever I want (hooray!)


Some nice night time photo’s for you to enjoy 🙂 

22.982 words

I wrote 22.982 words worth of thesis report at the moment, a great time to make a word cloud to see what I’ve been writing. See below the result: 




 Ps: You can also do this for your thesis / paper / report  http://www.wordle.net/

Go home, or stay … that’s the question

HUGE DILLEMA! I’m all alone in the deserted TNW building, my eyes start twitching and my concentration has long gone. But, I’m superafraid I will not finish my graduation report on time (in 10 days !!) and if I keep on working I might feel a bit better. Do I go home, sleep and have a great day tomorrow? Or do I stay and work untill I really can’t continue anymore, go home, sleep and have a great day tomorrow with a little bit less work to be done. 

Ok, I’ll keep working and do brainless tasks (for instance, fixing my references). I will only graduate from TU Delft this one time, when I look back later this probably is all a happy memory (let’s hope that).  


I used to be a good student, why is graduating then for me so [!&&!!lkjaodi!!] DIFFICULT. I hope to not scare any ‘still to graduate’ readers, but it might also be healthy to have a good view on what graduating can be like (difficult).

I actually knew it was going to be difficult from the beginning. I’ve been working in groups from year one to last year for my education. I thrive in groups, it makes me happy and the results are most often very good. On my own I’m not so great. I have my faults being a chaotic, social person. I get unhappy being on my own for too long … and working on a project for a year … you can only imagine the messy situation in my head. And now I have to clean the mess, because I’m rewriting my thesis. Zooming out I can do, seeing the big lines … but, I get stuck while trying to get the details right. Where’s the great groupmate who’s my opposite; structured and focussed on getting the details right.

These are just some of the issues that made me cry today, sweating over chapter 2. Luckily, my boyfriend does have a structured brain, and he doesn’t mind helping me out from time to time cleaning up the mess in my head. I’ll end this sad story with a promise … I WILL NEVER EVER DO A PhD! 4 years of research … the mess in the head will just unbearable.

To make you smile after this not so happy blogpost see the picture below 🙂

Graduation dress

getting serious, today I bought a graduation dress. And not just ‘a’ graduation
dress.. no no.. it’s the most pretty, flattering and comfortable dress I have
over owned! This does mean the end is near and that’s when the stress kicked me
in the back. I have SOOOO MUCH to do! I made a planning in the train [always a
bad idea] and my heart started beating at double rate. I have to work my ass
off in order to hand in my work the 23th of July … the date I promised my
supervisors and one day before my Spain and Portugal trip this summer. 

And that’s exactly why, my dear reader, I’m still typing at 0:28 on Sunday night (or Monday morning ;). ARghh! And then consider that I will miss this time in my life (being a graduation student writing on her beast of a report) when I’m done studying and working fulltime. Previous year I wrote a column in the TU Delta about that I miss taking exams, can you imagine that? It must be a similar thing to the Stockholm syndrome .. because I do remember disliking studying untill late to pass that exam for the course I hated. Good old times…

Time to get
serious again and type some more … I have to present a great thesis in my
great dress after all. Good night!

To give you sweet dreams, here is a sample of great illusion art. 

Happy news that destroys my thesis activities

Yes! I’m
chosen to represent TU Delft during the Nudge Leadership Challenge. The idea
behind this challenge is that professionals in the field of sustainability come
together and do assignments and stuff 3 days in September. And TU Delft wants
to send me!

But, this
means bad news for my thesis. I’m so excited that my brain keeps on drifting
away from the thesis work. I’m in the rewriting phase of my first draft …
Also not the most exciting part of the graduation process.  Hmmm .. maybe I should reframe the thesis
writing… maybe I can also make this a challenge. Today’s challenge? Finish
chapter 2. Tomorrow’s challenge? Uhm… Having a great weekend. Monday’s
challenge, write chapter 3!! In this way I should be able to finish before the
23th of July, the final date in which I have to deliver my thesis to my
supervisors. Wish me a lot of challenged luck please :).

Oh yeah!
Here are some platypus babies, too cute right? If you want to see more of the images I love, look at my pinterest account


PS: If you’re not smiling after the platypus babies photo I’m afraid your heart is made of stone.  

Writing again

Did you think I was almost finished with my graduation work when I posted this message: "Green light, part 1 of 2"? Well… Think again! Today I’m crawling through my introduction, carefully rethinking which paragraphs to write and finding words that sound scientific enough. The frustration continues. 

I’ve got a brain that tends to diverge from whatever I’m doing. If I say: OK! Brain, focus: Let’s write this beast of an introduction. I start with the first sentence and the brain starts protesting. Merel! You need to read a bit more about this thing you want to write about. Stop writing, start googling. And when googling starts, my introduction writing ends. Hours later after I checked mail, facebook, twitter, facebook, blog, mail, twitter, mail, google, random webpage, facebook, twitter …. the day ends. Arg! 

But today will be different, today I’ll go and tackle my natural ways of distraction. I sit and type, that’s all. And tonight I’ll dream about my thesis writing and tomorrow I’ll sit and type again. Boring times ahead, but you don’t get your academic diploma by doing nothing (unfortunately).  

I’ll be famous soon… According to spam

Wow, we love your work, you’ll be famous soon, high quality articles … too bad spam engines are giving me all these compliments and not my actual readers 😛 




Tiny Street Art

My Austrialian friend named Poppy used to paint tiny portraits of houses on the sidewalks before them. One time, a lady living in a house being painted came outside, thanked the artist, and gave her a box of eggs in graduatute. "First I thought you were a bit of a scary girl", she said, "but then I saw the beautiful painting you did and now I find you incredible". The lady even took out the slab of concrete the painting was made on to put it in her house.

This is such an amazing story I think, and Poppy does many awesome projects (click here for her portfolio). I love tiny street art, and I take this space to share my favourites 🙂 Enjoy! 



Above Poppy’s amazing work 🙂

Below more amazing tiny street art 

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